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Elementary Band


Mayer Lutheran Elementary Band Program
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The Elementary Band Program is offered to participating Lutheran elementary schools in order to:

  • Develop musicians who can serve both the school and the church.
  • Supplement the music education program offered at the elementary school level.
  • Build individual and group confidence and pride for students involved in the program.
  • Promote supportive relations between the elementary school and the MLHS Instrumental Music Program.
  • Provide a feeder program which will produce a strong base for the MLHS Instrumental Music Program.
  • Encourage students with God-given talents to develop and share those talents as they work and rehearse with others of the same ability level.
  • Provide concert and performance opportunities for students participating in the program.


(Musicians who already play a band instrument)

Please fill out the enrollment/registration form and return it to your grade school principal with your payment.


(Students learning to play a new band instrument)

Students who are interested in starting band lessons need to have an instrument in excellent working order, and the appropriate method book. Plan to attend a new student meetings in the fall. Contact Mayer Lutheran for dates. Students will have a chance to try out various band instruments before making their final selection. Students will also be able to play the instruments before making their final decision.


Students who have never played a band instrument before will need to get an instrument, lesson book, and music stand for at home practice. Instruments can be leased/purchased at Book and music stand may be ordered from the website as well. Eckroth will deliver the instrument and/or materials to Mr. Dulas who will bring the order to your child’s lesson. If you have an instrument that you would like to have checked out for repairs, you may deliver it to Mr. Dulas at your elementary school and he will deliver it to the repair shop.


Lessons are held once a week in small groups (30 minutes). Students who cannot be placed in a small group will receive individual instruction (20 minutes). Lessons will start the week after Labor Day (week of September 14 for beginners) and run through the end of May.

There will be a minimum of 30 lesson opportunities for musicians during the school year.


It is the responsibility of the students to have their books by their first lesson. Eckroth music supplies the method books for the Mayer Lutheran band program. Those people who rent or purchase instruments through Eckroth will automatically have the proper method book delivered with the instrument.


  • Students will have their instrument and supplies at school on lesson days.
  • Students will prepare assignments for lessons.
  • Students will attend all scheduled performances. Parents may telephone or email the instructor to excuse a student should an emergency arise at 952-220-9680.
  • Parents and instructor will work together to encourage student practice.
  • Parents will contact instructor if a student demonstrates a lack of interest or enthusiasm for the instrument at home…this can often be remedied.


Each elementary school determines the fee charged to individuals. Contact your elementary school for fee and payment information.


  • Arranges for a lesson schedule and calendar, with the local elementary school principal.
  • Offers group band instruction at MLHS.
  • The band instructor will notify the elementary principal of any necessary date or time changes, in advance.
  • The band instructor shall provide semester evaluations of student progress to the parents



You may print the form on the brochure and mail in your registration or you may submit an online registration. You will receive a confirmation of receipt. If you don’t receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact the office at 952-657-2251.

Elementary Band Program

Registration for all beginning and returning musicians
  • Please use an email that you check frequently. The band director will be communicating with parents primarily via email
  • Terms and Conditions

  • Type your name in the box below to accept the following Terms & Conditions: I have read the Elementary Band Fact Sheet, and agree to its conditions. I also agree to give my total support for my child’s musical growth and for the development of the MLHS Elementary School Music Program by encouraging sufficient practice, and regular attendance at lessons and performances. I understand that I am committing to the full school year of band lessons and agree to pay the full band fee with no refund for not completing the program.