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MLHS is a 501c3 non-profit. All gifts are tax-deductible.


Information on existing funds and endowments available at Mayer Lutheran:

Alumni Honor Fund

This fund was established as a way for our 3,100 + alumni to give back to their alma mater by supporting student aid for families who send their children to MLHS. Through our annual Alumni Phone-a-thon, we raise needed gifts to support the more than $200,000 in financial aid annually provided to students in need of tuition support while honoring the many alumni who are Christian leaders in the world.

Allan Kramer Ministry in Sports Endowment

Created in loving memory of Allan Kramer who loved the ministry that occurred between Christian coaches and athletes. The Ministry in Sports Endowment provides funding for improvements, development, additions, and enhancement of MLHS’s athletic facilities and programs.

Brandenburg Student Aid Endowment

Established in memory of Emma and Erwin Brandenburg, and is funded by proceeds from the Brandenburg estate, to assist students in meeting tuition needs in order to attend MLHS.

Crusader Club Annual Fund

The Crusader Club is MLHS’s annual fund. Each year, the operating budget of our school relies on gifts from Crusader Club members to meet the daily costs of education at MLHS. Did you know that it costs almost $7,900 per day to fund MLHS? It costs $12,000 to educate each student at MLHS; yet, tuition, before discounts and financial aid, is only $9,550.

Gifts of all size are appreciated. With just a $100 annual gift from each of our alumni, we could raise $310,000 for scholarships, campus improvements, and advancing our movement of preparing Christian leaders in new and exciting ways. In other words, for the cost of a cup of coffee each week, the ministry of MLHS can be greatly enhanced!

Christian Leadership Scholarship Fund

Created by donors who were interested in rewarding and encouraging the maturation, development, and growth of Christian Leaders at MLHS. Four annual scholarship are given to graduating seniors of MLHS who have exhibited growth in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leadership skills, and a vision for using their God-given leadership skills both at MLHS and in the future. The Christian Leadership Fund also provides income for continuing the school’s leadership development initiative that engages all of our students on an annual program of learning about leadership and putting it into practice. This fund is not an endowment and requires regular support to continue its work. Thank you to all of you who are helping to support MLHS’s mission and encourage Christian leadership development in our students.

Extra Curricular Endowment

More than 90% of MLHS’s student body participates in at least one extracurricular event. The Extracurricular Endowment earnings are used to pay for coaching and director’s stipends in areas such as athletics, music, and drama. This endowment also helps to provide extra revenue for the athletic, music, and drama programs themselves. MLHS students learn so much in their extracurricular programs – leadership, character, hard work, etc. A gift to this fund ensures the future stability and viability of these opportunities and programs.

General/Memorial Endowment

Do you wish to dedicate a gift in remembrance of a loved one? A gift to the General Endowment helps MLHS both now and in the future. The earnings and interest made from the General Endowment help subsidize MLHS’s operating budget. In other words, the more the General Endowment grows, the more earnings and interest made can help to pay utility expenses, materials, supplies, teacher salaries, etc. This endowment truly helps to slow tuition increases at MLHS. MLHS is honored to receive gifts in remembrance of your loved ones.

Jacob Peter Zimmer Memorial Endowment for the Fine Arts

Created in loving memory of Jacob P. Zimmer, who was tragically killed in a car accident in the fall of 2000, the Zimmer Endowment earnings are specifically used to supplement the music, art, and drama ministries of MLHS. New equipment, repairs, capital products, etc. may be purchased for the music, art, and drama departments of MLHS from the earnings and interest made from this endowment. Thank you for supporting the arts at MLHS.

Janet (Pettersen) Stehr Fund

The Janet (Pettersen) Stehr Fund was established in memory of Janet (Pettersen) Stehr (Class of ’65) by her parents, Margy and Bernie Pettersen. Gifts to this fund enable families to receive financial assistance for co-curricular fees, registration fees, and various other school fees. The Janet (Pettersen) Stehr Fund is not an endowment and will continue to serve our students only by regular support from our dear friends like you!

Klemp/Muelich Academic Endowment

Created in December of 2006 by Wayne and Lois Muelich of Monticello, Minnesota, provides grants to graduates of Lutheran High School in Mayer who will study for full-time church work in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and to current Mayer Lutheran High School students who excel academically. The Muelich’s desire is that others will see the need for furthering the training of graduates for full-time church work in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and for supporting high-achieving current students and will be encouraged to contribute to this fund as well.

Melchert Operating Endowment

The earnings from this Endowment are to be used to help subsidize MLHS’s general operating needs. The endowment was established by the Melchert family and helps to slow increases in tuition. Thank you for helping to offset the costs of Christian education at MLHS.

Muelich Landscape Endowment

Begun in December of 2006 by Wayne and Lois Muelich of Monticello, Minnesota to provide financial support for outdoor beautification and maintenance of the Lutheran High School in Mayer campus. The Muelich’s desire is that others will see the need for improving the school grounds and will be encouraged to contribute to this fund as well.

Norman Schwartz Student Aid Endowment

The Schwartz Endowment was set up so that the earnings can supplement and help needy families with scholarship assistance. The fund was originally established in loving memory of MLHS supporter Norman Schwartz of Lester Prairie.

Planned Giving

If you are interested in planned giving, please contact Mr. Joel Landskroener at (952) 657-2251 x1007 or by email

Schroeder Student Aid Endowment

The Student Aid Endowment is very crucial to the future enrollment of students at MLHS. The earnings and interest made from this endowment provide scholarship assistance to families in need. The larger this endowment grows, the more aid MLHS can offer to MLHS students and families. Thank you for helping MLHS in this great cause.

Technology Endowment

The Technology Endowment ensures that MLHS will be able to provide the very best education possible to students now and in the future. As the cost of technology increases, the more operating money is needed to fund these hardware, software, and maintenance needs. The earnings and interest earned on the Technology Endowment help support the operating budget expenditures directly related to technology costs. Thank you for supporting academic excellence at MLHS.

Tutor Resource Endowment

The Tutor Resource Endowment earnings are used to assist with costs of helping special needs students, students who need extra one-on-one attention, special education training and tutorial service, and learning materials for special needs students. Thank you for helping us meet the needs of all students who desire a Christ-centered education at MLHS.