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Class Reunion!

Class of 1997

20th Class Reunion

August 12, 2017

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Alumni Spotlight

Emily Chapa Class of 2014

Welcome to the Crusader Crux! Where we look at what God is up to in the lives of our alumni. Today’s focus is on Emily Chapa a 2014 graduate of Mayer Lutheran High School. Emily is currently attending Concordia University in Chicago. Her field of study is Psychology and her hometown is Buffalo, MN where her parents, Jim and Deb Chapa reside.

“God has done some amazing things in my life. I attend a great university surrounded with people who care about me and my vocation. I have very supportive people in my life like my roommate and my boyfriend who challenges me to do my best in everything. I recently got an offer to study abroad in Costa Rica so I’m in the process of applying and filling out forms which is very exciting. God has been a huge influence on my life partially because my boyfriend is pre-seminary but also because I have a good connection with my church and pastor.”

Emily is a full time student at Concordia, but still finds time to volunteer at a local church near her dorm. Her background working VBS and helping with technical issues at her church in MN has helped her to share Jesus with others as a young adult counselor at her church in Chicago.

“I also went on three mission trips with Mr. Lane at MLHS and that was an extreme eye opener which actually has pushed me to apply for a study abroad this summer in Costa Rica. I pray that I get accepted and have that opportunity as well.”

Emily believes that sharing Jesus Christ with others has enriched her life and hopes to carry those skills with her to her next opportunity in life.

“It is important for me to volunteer because it gives me a chance to connect with people I don’t see much or maybe have never seen in my life. I have the chance to experience new things and learn about different people. MLHS has prepared me to be a Christian leader because they gave me the building blocks and supplies to find my role in life.”

The small class size and the availability of professors allows Emily to enjoy both her campus and the city it is located in. This can be challenging for any student but with Christ in her heart, Emily finds the challenge a way for her to excel in her school work. This Christ led foundation at a Lutheran college has helped her relationship with God grow and find wisdom in all that he prepares us to do.

“My church near campus has helped me find my way in the past two years I’ve attended there because they helped me realize that I’m not perfect, but that’s okay. I now know that I am smart, beautiful, wise, etc. It took me until my junior year in college to learn the most basic skills and all I have to thank are my Lutheran schools, and my church family. I understand that there are people smarter than me but since I always put me best foot forward, then I feel fully confident that I am the best that I am.”

The foundation that Mayer Lutheran High School afforded Emily, is noticeable in her friendships as well. Her Christian high school experience has taught her the importance of keeping that rich foundation alive.

“MLHS was an amazing experience for me. The fact that I know everyone in the school and the teachers were readily available to meet with me had a huge impact. I can tell a difference with my friends who have attended MLHS or a Lutheran school and those who didn’t because the atmosphere is different and since we were freely able to discuss religion in our classes, I have a better outlook on life.”

God’s blessing on your faith filled journey, Emily!!














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