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Why Choose MLHS


Students are prepared to intelligently work with others whose ideas, culture, beliefs, and language differ from their own.

Christian Worldview

Mayer Lutheran High School is a Christian high school open to every student regardless of religious affiliation, economic status, or ethnic heritage. The MLHS curriculum boldly adheres to the Christian Worldview. Students take four years of theology coursework and attend daily chapel. They are prepared to intelligently work with others whose ideas, culture, beliefs, and language differ from their own. Theology courses, while fully reliant on God’s Word, are designed to help students develop practical skills understanding Scripture and to grow in faith while living in a culture whose worldview increasingly opposes Christianity.


Mayer Lutheran offers many opportunities in the classroom to grow and explore the world around us.  We are not a place that lets school get in the way of a student’s education.   Our students are encouraged to explore their passions as they relate to growing their skills in many different fields both in the classroom and away from it.

Our formal curriculum provides a wide exposure to the arts and sciences, language and mathematics, theology and human development, technology and engineering.  A rigorous course load challenges each child to see things in new ways and articulate ideas that inform and inspire.  Our course description and academic guide provide many details of our curriculum and scholarly expectations.

Post Secondary Preparation

Mayer Lutheran’s diverse curriculum prepares our graduates for success in college and in life. While the definition of “college prep” continues to evolve and change, a Mayer Lutheran graduate is prepared for college and the world in the skills needed for being an effective leader. We emphasize problem solving skills, collaboration, articulating ideas in written and digital media, looking at things from a myriad of perspectives, creativity, being a responsible world and digital citizen, all through the lens of our Christian faith, grounded in the foundation of Biblical truth. A successful graduate of Mayer Lutheran will not just receive a diploma and transcripts—he or she will be nurtured and equipped to aspire to be an influential Christian leader!

Advanced Placement 

Mayer Lutheran offers a rich variety of courses that provide the opportunity for our students to earn college credit while still in high school.  Our Advanced Placement courses include: AP English Composition; AP Literature; AP Physics; AP Calculus; AP American History; AP World History.


In addition to our rich and growing Advanced Placement course offerings, Mayer Lutheran students can also take dual-credit courses on our campus that provide high school AND college credit.  These courses, taught by college professors through our online Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) program enable many of our students to graduate with earned college credit on their transcripts at no extra cost to their parents.  In fact, most Mayer Lutheran graduates have at least six hours of college credit when they receive their diploma. Quite a few have even more!

Our PSEO class offerings are unique. Students stay on-campus under the guidance of a Mayer Lutheran instructor in addition to their professor. By remaining on the Mayer Lutheran campus, our students excel in their classes, earn college credit, and stay connected with their classmates and activities.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Mayer Lutheran High School, students must earn 27 credits during their four years, including successful completion of Theology for each semester in attendance. A credit is equivalent to a full year course.

Minimum credits to be earned in each department:

English 4.0 credits Health 0.5 credit
Social Studies 3.5 credits Science 3.0 credits
Physical Education 1.0 credit Computer 1.0 credit
Mathematics 3.0 credits Electives 6.0 credits
Fine Arts/Music 1.0 credits Religion 4.0 credits


Credit Requirements

27    Required number of credits for an entering freshman
26    Required number of credits for an entering sophomore
25    Required number of credits for an entering junior
24    Required number of credits for an entering senior

International students must attend for 4 semesters of classes at MLHS to be eligible to receive a diploma.

MLHS is Christ Centered. Nurturing. Equipping. Aspiring: Preparing the Next Generation of Christian Leaders.