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Important Dates

Mayer Lutheran offers rolling admissions where new students may enroll at any time during the year. No matter when a student enrolls, our outstanding, compassionate staff will work to make a smooth transition for your child.

We do have several key dates throughout the school year that will help you decide when and how to enroll your child at Mayer Lutheran. Paying attention to deadlines enables you to have a low-stress experience in becoming a part of the Mayer Lutheran family.

December 31

  • Last date to enroll new students with waived application fee. (Save $100!)

March 1

  • Deadline for completing the financial aid form at
  • Last day for returning students to re-apply for admission for the $100 application fee.  (It increases by $100 after that date!)

April 1

  • Date when families applying for financial aid will receive notification of awards.

May 1

  • Registration fee for upcoming school year due for all students. (Increases by $100 after that date!)


  • New student placement tests administered.  Please see assigned dates for each individual exam in letter mailed to homes from the admissions office.


  • New student interviews conducted and course schedules created.  Please see assigned dates for interviews in letter mailed to homes from the admissions office.

August 1

  • Beginning-of-the-year information packet mailed to students’ homes.

Late August

  • First day of school.